Constantia Waldorf School, Cape Town

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Constantia Waldorf School has a profound respect for the individuality of every child. Our curriculum and teaching approach fosters the children's healthy development, stimulating their enthusiasm for learning and challenges the adolescent's emerging faculties of critical judgment.


Constantia Waldorf School with its spacious grounds, is nestled securely amongst rolling hills, with a magnificent view of the east side of our famous Table Mountain. It is within easy reach of Cape Town's southern suburbs.

The school supports and encourages the vital role that parents play in the education of their children, and seeks to work closely with them. Parents are encouraged to give active support to the quality of the education by helping their children enjoy imaginative and healthy activities at home, rather than watching television and playing computer games.


What qualities will our children require- not merely to cope, but to flourish, in a rapidly changing world?

We believe they will need to be self-reliant, innovative, imaginative, flexible, questioning, socially responsible and compassionate. They will need to be articulate and able to communicate, both by listening to others and by finding the right way to speak their minds.


We offer a learning environment, which safeguards the wholesome unfolding of childhood into adulthood. This unites intellect, heart and will to provide the insight and develop the empathy and capacities needed for a peaceful, sustainable future.



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