Curro Meridian Pinehurst, Cape Town

School Information: Curro Meridian Pinehurst


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Meridian Pinehurst is an independent mainstream school accommodating learners from four months old to Grade 12. 

We aim to stimulate and motivate learners to receive and enjoy quality education, develop the necessary life skills and respect for diversity to guide them towards responsible adulthood, enabling them to take their rightful place in society. 

Our nursery school provides a sound and safe environment where each child is extended and growth is encouraged academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 


In the primary and high schools the focus is on academic excellence, with an emphasis on preparation for tertiary education. A disciplined, safe and stable environment is offered and a culture of quality in the classroom is supported by a well-managed curriculum and committed educators. Our schools offer extended school hours to provide academic support. 

Along with the core values, Meridian Pinehurst will teach learners the values of respect, manners, hard work and commitment, honesty and integrity, promoting a sense of self-worth, potential and self-value. 

The enhanced mainstream curriculum emphasises gateway subjects such as Mathematics, Science and Accounting, but also gives the necessary attention to Computer Literacy and Information Technology. 

Meridian Pinehurst is managed by Curro Holdings Ltd. 


Quick facts: 

  • English 
  • Co-educational (girls and boys) 
  • Controlled class sizes  
  • Nursery school: Group 1 (3 months) to Group 5 (4 years, turning 5) 
  • Foundation phase: Grade R to Grade 3 
  • Intersen phase: Grade 4 to Grade 7 
  • Senior phase: Grade 8 and Grade 9 
  • FET phase: Grade 10 to Grade 12 
  • Matric examination: National Senior Certificate (NSC) 
  • School times vary depending on the grade. Please see school times for more information.  
  • Pre-care, aftercare and holiday care available  



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