Daniel Academy, Gordon's Bay

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The Daniel Academy started in January 2015 and is founded on practical Biblical principles and is based on Charlotte Mason's original philosophy which is used by several schools all over the world, as well and Dr. Maria Montessori's scientific observation of children's phases of development and inspired by the success of the world's most successful educational system in Finland.

Students learn to be self-sufficient, by learning how to grow and prepare natural food and meals , to maintain superb health. `They also learn relevant life skills to help them be succesful in every area of their lives when they venture into the real world.

They are also responsible for cleaning their own space. We require that to aid their children's growth, development and behaviour, that the family commits to a diet at home that is free of refined and processed foods especially refined and processed sugar.

Parents are stewards of their children's lives and should be providing a range of natural healthy foods at home. The diet provided at the Daniel Academy will be wholefood plant based, sugar-free and gluten-free. This will be to aid all children with allergies and intolerances and behaviour issues.

We do not dictate what families eat in their homes, other than to encourage them to avoid refined and processed foods.



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