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About the Eastry
The Eastry pre-school was established in 1983 to provide quality care and education for young children and is situated in Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa. The Eastry has a fully qualified workforce capable of delivering the vital preparation a child needs for his or her future in school education.

The Eastry spans three buildings and has five classrooms with three separated play areas. The classes consist of the Bunnies (walking to three year old's), Squirrels (four year old's), Bees (five year old's), Birds (six year old's) and Aftercare for primary school children.

The Eastry provides development of your child through classroom and extra mural activities. Classroom activities revolve around a different theme each week and children learn skills necessary for their entrance into primary school. Optional extra mural activities that we offer are Swimming lessons, Ballet, Karate, Monkeynastics (gym), Clay and Computer lessons. Click here to see a detailed list of the extra mural activities available.

In conjunction with our weekly program of activities we also offer termly outings and puppet/musical shows with a learning theme. Each week we have 'bakerman' day in which children take turns to share goodies. At the end of each year we hold a concert or fun activity in which all of the pre-primary children participate.

To ensure that the Eastry provides a comprehensive service we offer a bus service to the surrounding area. The Eastry also provides Aftercare facilities and an exciting holiday care program for primary school children.

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