Eden Montessori, George

School Information: Eden Montessori


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School Vision
To provide exceptional Montessori education in the Afrikaans and English languages so as to nurture and inspire every child to be the best they can possibly be.

School Mission
To provide a coeducational environment shaped by Christian principles.
To ensure that our children leave school well prepared for life.
To keep Maria Montessori's teaching central to all that we do, and endeavour to be a true Casa dei Bambini or "Children's House", as she envisioned it.
To treat the children entrusted to us, our peers and our environment with care and respect.
To be committed to maintaining a balance between spiritual, academic, cultural and outdoor activities in order to encourage well rounded development of our learners.
To recognise and develop the uniqueness of each learner.
To create a safe, disciplined environment conducive to learning.
To never compromise on the quality of Montessori education we provide.


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