El Shaddai Christian School, Durbanville

School Information: El Shaddai Christian School




6 Langeberg Road, Durbanville, 7550

Type of school

Independent Co-ed, Christian School


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade R to Grade 12

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El Shaddai Christian School celebrated their 25th year mile-stone in 2018, with a variety of fun and memorable events. During the week the Pre-Primary, Primary and High School classes raced 25 laps of various distances against each other and enjoyed food stalls, various games and "ozzie olympics."


A formal assembly was held which focussed on the opening of the new school building in 1993 and gave thanks to God for His constant faithfulness, blessing and increase in students and facilities.

The original atrium was updated with a beautiful fountain and plant feature, where each of the 417 children in the school, along with all the teachers and staff members, laid a stone with each of their names engraved on it. They were placed around the fountain feature, which is surrounded by the original bricks onto which each child in the school engraved their names in 1993.


El Shaddai Christian School, a ministry of the El Shaddai Christian Church, thanks you for considering Christian education for your child. The purpose of this somewhat lengthy manual is to give you an idea of what makes El Shaddai Christian School (ESCS) unique. Broadly speaking, its uniqueness is to be found in the values of the school, the discipling programme, as well as quality academics. This manual provides a framework within which prospective parents can understand the concept of Christian education.




The value system which underpins the fabric of the school Every person has a personality and in similar vein every school has a personality. The personality or lifestyle of ESCS determines how the staff go about doing their ministry. Another way of describing the "personality" of ESCS is to examine the values. Values are unseen but influential and can be compared to the foundation of a structure. They determine what activities go on in the school and just like a foundation, they are critical to supporting the superstructure but at the same time they are largely unseen.

The values explained below determine the direction and flow of the school's limited resources of time, energy and money:

Academic excellence

The school provides an enriched Western Cape Education Department curriculum until mid-Grade 9, followed by the internationally-benchmarked Cambridge IGCSE and AS curriculum from mid-Grade 9 to 12.

We believe that prayer must be at the heart of the educating process. The staff are committed to praying regularly for your child.
Praise and Worship
We are committed to worship as a school in order to invite God's presence upon our teachers and pupils. This is an essential part of growing in relationship with Jesus. Therefore, we will always attempt to start our meetings with Praise and Worship.

Gifts, Signs and Wonders
We believe that these manifestations of the Holy Spirit are available to every believer. For every pupil and family linked to our school, we would encourage a lifestyle that reflects this value.

God calls His people to be active in reaching out to unbelievers, orphans, aged and the needy. Opportunities are created so that reaching out becomes a natural part of the pupils lives.

Personal Growth
Personal growth and maturity are basic values of ESCS. We believe in positive, victorious, successful Christian living through Christ's strength. While we as a school will encourage pupils in their daily spiritual growth, we believe that pupils must find a full expression of their personal growth in their church to which they are committed.



Academic Programme

  • Mother tongue instruction with separate English and Afrikaans classes.
  • Approximately 20 pupils per class which guarantees individual attention.
  • Learning Content based on "The Character of God" syllabus.
  • Learning through structured and unstructured play - Jungle gyms, sand, water and imaginative play.
  • Educational Outings each term, visiting Plaaswerf, the Bird Man and more.
  • Learning through the creative arts, clay play, ball skills, Playball (optional) and physical education (compulsory.)
  • Class Music once a week during school hours.
  • Feedback to parents with detailed reports, termly parent meetings and individual interviews.

Additional Gr 0 Focus

  • Phonics - Introduction to the THRASS program (Teaching, Handwriting, Reading and Spelling skills.)
  • Exposure to the first additional language.
  • Exposure to formal school by doing elementary Writing, Reading and Mathematics in preparation for Grade 1.
  • Introduction to the structure, routine and expectations of Grade 1.


In-house aftercare is available for siblings from 13:00 to 14:25, as required per phase.



Primary School Disciplining Program

This year we are focussing on:
implementing our new ACSI Purposeful Design Bible Education curriculum in Gr 4-6.
assemblies focussed on applying Godly character qualities in our lives, special times of worship and extra time for prayer and ministry.
making a measureable impact on people in our community through our outreach programmes.

​Primary School Outreach
The Grade 5 & 6 classes have a great time building relationships with their buddies who visit from the Attie van Wyk Primary School.



Cambridge curriculum in the high school
The prestigious Cambridge International examinations are set and marked by Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. The results are accepted by USAf for university entrance and by SAQA for National Senior Certificate equivalence. The Cambridge curriculum ranks amongst the best in the world and prepares students for life beyond school. Cambridge students are: Confident, Responsible, Reflective, Innovative and Engaged.



At El Shaddai Christian School, pupils are encouraged to take part in at least one summer sport and one winter sport. In addition, most pupils are involved in the athletics activities that take place in the first term.



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