Kid's Republic Playschool, Durbanville

Kid's Republic Playschool


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We provide a nurturing, enjoyable and age appropriate programme that helps children achieve their full potential in a safe, rewarding environment. We regard each child as a unique human being; we therefore offer materials and activities that encourage personal choice and discovery as well as appropriate responses to teacher direction. Each child will develop skills to enhance his/her self esteem and to form the basis.

Our programmes provide peer group experiences, stimulating environments, and challenging, age-appropriate educational and play materials. Step into our classes on any day, and you may see kids involved in:

group activities - cooking - outdoor play - free play - language
science - art - music - snack time - story time - math.

These activities might typically include painting, construction sets, sand/water play, play-dough, cutting/gluing, puzzles, trains/cars, books, the home corner and dressing up.

We have teacher led art, music, and story time classes that take place in various venues throughout the building. Your child will be taught by all 3 teachers during the week to provide more focused enrichment opportunities. For example, music may take place in a class other than their home room and taught by one of the other class teachers. Art, baking and story time will also be in various venues of the school. This encourages their excitement to participate as well as keeping the day interesting.

Play provides children with opportunities to enhance their social and emotional growth and learn about friendships and responsibility. Social Skills are enhanced through both group activities such as story and sharing time as well as through imaginative, dramatic play that encourages creativity, teamwork and cooperative play.

Play develops language and problem solving skills as children generate solutions and make decisions.

Playing with building blocks, manipulatives, and puzzles encourages children to learn math concepts such as space, shapes, balance, size, and how things fit together; experimenting with paints, crayons and clay enhances fine motor skills; hands-on experiences and games introduce the concepts of counting and letters in meaningful ways such as placing the correct number of glasses and plates on the snack table or learning to print their name on their artwork.

Play encourages use of the imagination and creative abilities through exploration and discovery in an enjoyable learning experience. Children learn through doing, experimenting, discovering and exploring, rather than memorising isolated facts or information. Qualified and experienced teachers facilitate children's learning by following an integrated curriculum whereby they interact with children during teacher-directed learning experiences, and during both free play indoors and outdoors.


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