Mouse House Kindergarten, Kenilworth

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The first years of life have a great influence on a child's mind and character. Thus early stimulus is very important for a child's development. At Mouse House through experience we have developed a curriculum which is a wonderful balance between Montessori and learning through play.

Our prime aim is for the children to be happy and have fun. They learn to co-operate and enjoy each other's company through discovery and play. Each child gains confidence in their ability and is encouraged to 'have a go' at everything on offer and to learn at their pace. We find their strengths!

Above all we aim to give the children a happy and positive start and a firm foundation on which to begin their school career with a curriculum which provides equal learning and development opportunities for all the children within the Kindergarten.

The children reach their potential with us academically, socially and emotionally whilst having lots of fun and laughter along the way.



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