Rooha Pre-Primary, Somerset West

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Dedicated, graduated and experienced teachers lead and provide a high standard of education to ensure thorough preparation for primary school. Our merit system focuses on balanced positive discipline.

At Rooha we are focused on developing the child holistically. Our well-prepared pre-primary lessons are based on the (CAPS) curriculum of the Department of Education of the Western Cape where we are also registered. Progress reports are issued each term. We also run the ELit and RMaths program from the Department.

At Rooha we believe children learn through playing. We make enough time for free play indoors as well as outdoors. A new interesting theme is covered each week to broaden our children's knowledge. Every week we also work through a music lesson as well as a movement lesson to provide for our children's auditory and physical requirements.

Every day we discuss the weekly theme: a Bible story; the weather; maths; language and life orientation. We also engage our creativity through singing and performing other creative activities. It is most enjoyable to round off a day with a good story. We have found that a warm and child-friendly atmosphere in class improves our children's ability to learn and therefore we aim to create this space of safety for them each day.


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