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At Rundle College, the objective is to embrace eminent education - efficiently and in a focused manner - with high quality school time. Rundle College offers an exciting educational opportunity in George, in the beautiful Garden Route region of the Western Cape. The school offers cutting-education, following the globally respected Cambridge International Education (CIE) curriculum, in association with Rundle's experiential and interactive teaching methods. Life Orientation is not a subject choice at our school - it forms an integral part of everyday life at Rundle College.

Whilst Rundle College is challenging educational boundaries, this is done in a considered manner, preserving those elements of the past that are most effective whilst simultaneously implementing new and innovative processes and applications.

The more limited school day is designed to allow for concentrated effort and focus, without in any way compromising the quality of education. Indeed, the Cambridge International Education and the supporting interactive programmes that support the Cambridge syllabus meet and beat expectations. Students enjoy cognitive teaching that is combined with open lessons, giving students guidance with respect to managing themselves and how best to respond to a stimulated learning process, timeously and efficiently. This process will enhance their post-school ability to function and together with this their prospects of success in their future school lives. Tutor interaction, meeting deadlines and unit (cycle) tests form an integral part of the programme.

Rundle College is a school for ambitious and motivated students looking to embrace tomorrow today. The school is home to students from varied backgrounds and with different interests; students who have a desire to succeed in whatever walk of life they may choose to pursue.

Rundle College wishes to see its alumni leaving the school as affable and confident individuals who are proud of their heritage, aware of their greater responsibilities and equipped with the ability to make a difference - to achieve practically anything that they may set their minds on. Whilst personal milestones and achievement are important, of equal significance is a balanced and honest perspective of oneself, together with a team ethos and a respect for one's peers.

The formal school years of education represent a critical component of the early years of life's journey. Rundle College's segment of the journey is intended to foster and enlarge personal capacity and capabilities at future life stations. Awareness relative to Social Responsibility and the green economy are other facets that will help to make for esteemed, well-rounded individuals. Whilst extra-mural activity is currently limited, the available offering adds value to total wellness and improved life skills.

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