Shereens Montesori Pre-primary, Woodstock

School Information: Shereens Montesori Pre-primary


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At Shereens Montessori we believe:

  • in providing an education system that acquires the interest and concentration of each child by responding to his/her individual needs at every new stage of development;

  • that Maria Montessori's concept of providing an environment of "freedom within limits" is implemented throughout the school, an experience that builds competence and confidence in children;

  • in providing a rich curriculum, interwoven and interdependent, enabling the child to develop a deep appreciation and respect for humankind and the world around him/her;

  • that parents, teachers and staff work in harmony, forming a vital team to ensure the best education for our children and to provide a nurturing learning environment in every corner of AMS.

  • The AMS advantage ensures our graduates enter high school with confidence, a love of learning and prepared for their future roles as responsible citizens.


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