Shiloh Learning Centre, Bellville

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To provide a holistic learning environment utilizing God's provision to equip each child for God's Kingdom.

To discover and develop the individual gifts and talents in every child to fulfill God's calling; and to nurture them to obey and give God the maximum glory.

We follow a strategy of Cooperative teaching and learning . This strategy enables all learners and educators to be actively involved in the learning process. No-one can sit back and enjoy a free ride!

Learning Process / Goals
1.Foundation is to be rooted in Christ. Must know God loves them. Learn good and evil through a relationship with Father, in Christ.

2.Awakened to your purpose and the gifts and talents to accomplish it

3.Understanding how to be a good steward of your resources (body, assets, time, energy)

4.Ability to identify, conceptualize and provide a solution in context (think)

5.Awareness of needs of others (not selfish, true Christ like servant heart)



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