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At St George's Grammar School, we combine the richness of tradition with innovation while embracing the fast changing demands of the information age. We believe in creating a safe, nurturing environment where children can build a strong foundation for learning from Grades Pre-R to 12 in an inclusive and diverse environment.

The whole school is located on one campus in the heart of Mowbray, with each section occupying its own building. We offer an excellent academic and extra-curricular programme that includes space for spiritual growth, ecological awareness and appreciation of the arts. Our commitment of service to the greater community is underpinned by our association to Round Square and the President's Award.

Both inside and outside the classroom, we aim to create in our learners a life-long appetite for learning. To this end, they are taught how to learn and communicate, how to adapt, and above all, how to think.

Excellence is achieved through an understanding of the needs of each learner to reach their potential. We challenge the gifted, develop the interest of the average and make the under-achiever curious. Above all, our methods and techniques infuse our learners with a quiet confidence in themselves and in their abilities.

We pride ourselves on the individual attention that we are able to give our learners on an academic and co-curricular level. Our staff to learner ratio, small classes (average class size is under 26) and 'family' atmosphere enable all our learners to be well-known to one another.


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