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Stonefountain College was established in 2005. Its roots stem from The Al Kalam Educational Society, which served learners in an extra mural academic assistance programme.


  • Learners were assisted with skills development especially with regards to numeracy and literacy.

  • A drug monitoring policy was developed in 2005 and the Stonefountain learners were expected to subject themselves to regular drug testing. This policy of drug testing proved very useful for many of the learners tested, tested positive for drug use and this explained their lack of progress at school. With an improvement of over 90% in drug use, the performance of learners soared and great success was achieved.

  • This drug policy caught the eye of the Minister of Education, Grace Naledi Pandor, and the college drug policy has since become the benchmark for similar policies at all public schools across the country.


In 2010, Stonefountain opened its second campus in Kenilworth as demand at the Athlone campus surpassed the available facilities there. It is indeed stimulating that schools like Stonefountain have found a special educational niche. Schools like Stonefountain independent schools charging modest fees should be drawn on to assist innovation in public schools.


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