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Children are at the centre of what we do. We consider ourselves to be guardians of our little ones and facilitators of their development while they are in our care. Our mission is to help children develop confidence in their own personalities while deepening their curiosity and understanding of the world around them. We see our school as an extension of the home and work to ensure that our parents receive regular feedback and are part of the journey.


The Power of Play
Imagination, not prefabrication. Facilitation, not direction

Guided by our international curriculum, we use various forms of guided and free play to invite our children to actively engage with their environment, their peers and the objects they see around them. There fun, exploratory methods have been shown to nurture problem-solving abilities, independent thinkers and individuals who can interact socially in a constructive, thoughtful and confident manner. We aim to facilitate rather than force the development of important areas of personal growth while recognising that each individual is unique in their ideas, perception, and pace. In doing so, children are encouraged to be themselves and develop their own interests as well as a love of learning. 



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