Villa Maria Educare, Cape Town

School Information: Villa Maria Educare


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The professional and qualified staff of Villa Maria Educare encourage children to accept themselves and develop vital social skills in a pre-school environment. As a team, we try to build up a child's esteem and nurture the desire to learn.

We offer good quality education and care to children from the age of 1 - 5 years. Our classes are limited to 15 children per age-group and, under our constant supervision, each child is helped to reach his or her full potential.

Every child is assessed and bi-annual reports are sent to parents in June and November. This encourages parents and teachers to meet and discuss the child's progress.

Varying weekly themes enable parents to become involved in the activities their children are busy with at school. These include art, movement, music, story and discussions, and education activities such as work books for the older children.

All our teachers are qualified in educare and are trained in first-aid. Their first-aid training is renewed every two years. All members of our staff have many years of experience in teaching children and caring for them.



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