Die Wingerd Pre Primary School, Somerset West

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During the late 1970s there was a need amongst Afrikaans-speaking parents of pre-school children for a pre-primary school for their children. The Municipality of Somerset West devoted a piece of land for the building of a school. They also supplied funds for the school building and the property is now being rented from them.

The architect, Abrie Jordaan, drew the blueprints and the school was built. The building was finished in the first term of 1980 and the school was officially opened on 8 April 1980, starting out with 66 children, teachers and one cleaning lady. The Department of Education approved the school and agreed to pay the staff's salaries. Since then, the school has grown to have 5 classes - 135 learners, 6 teaching staff members, 6 class assistants, 1 administrative officer and a part-time gardener.

Die Wingerd Pre-Primary school is one of the most popular schools in the Helderberg basin and parents are queing to enroll their children. The learners are exposed to a structured curriculum, prescribed by the Department Of Education.

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