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On your school’s profile, on the right-hand-side of the listing page, there will be a button which says “Claim Listing”. After pressing the claim button, you will be able to take control of your listing by adding in the relevant information. Please note that there is an approval process which gets manually by our admin department, which includes checking that the email which is being added is from the school’s domain, and in some cases may even require us making personal contact.

On the home screen, in the top right, there will be a button to “Add listing”. After clicking the button, you can chose which package suits you best and proceed accordingly. You may add your information for FREE to test out the system before opting into a paid package.

Aside from a considerable amount of more content which can be added, including videos, FAQs & contact information, you will also be placed on the “priority” list for inquiries, which means that your inquiries which you receive from parents will have no delay. FREE profiles get put on the backlog and get forwarded on within a 14 day period.