Curro Heritage House Pre-School

Curro Heritage House is a leading independent school in Morningside, Durban that provides high-quality education, which incorporates 21st-century learning, to learners from Grade R to Grade 12. Our small class sizes and enhanced curriculum provide learners with the skills and knowledge to grow into self-confident individuals. With specialised subjects and dedicated teachers, our well-rounded approach prepares learners for the IEB examination at the end of Grade 12. Our nursery school, Curro Castle Heritage House, offers an integrated play-based programme to learners from 3 months to 5 years. View their webpage to see how we apply our internally-developed programme to support your child’s early learning and development goals. What do we offer? At Curro Heritage House, we balance academic excellence with sports and cultural activities within a supportive, positive environment to ensure that learners develop into well-rounded individuals. We provide a strong educational foundation starting with carefully designed programmes in Grade R (such as the Bazoo integrated literacy programme) and build to a variety of specialised subjects (such as Robotics) in primary and high school.

160 Lilian Ngoyi Rd, Morningside, Durban, 4001, South Africa

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