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Kyrios Independent School was established in 2011 when the owners were faced with serious challenges with regards to their youngest son's schooling. As busy "business owning" parents who care deeply about their children, they needed to find the best possible solution. They decided to employ a teacher to home-school their son. This turned out to be a successful endeavour as their son's results and his attitude improved significantly. It became apparent that sometimes so called "difficult or impossible" kids who are often rejected by other institutions simply required more individual attention and adapted engagement methods that are not readily available in larger schools with high density classrooms. Soon there were requests from friends to join the home-schooling group, and as they realised that most of these kids were desperate, they allowed them to join. The result: for the 2011 school year the six matric pupils in the school all passed successfully. This is still the heart of Kyrios.


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