St Michael's School for Girls, Bloemfontein

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In this small school, we want to make sure that investing in our learners becomes the big thing. This is the reason why we want each learner to feel like the only learner. This has many advantages- like being part of a small class where individuality and potential are nurtured and developed. St Michael's has maintained a 100% matric pass rate for the past 34 years

The school has an Anglican tradition, with its own chapel, central to the life of the school. Assemblies take place there each day of the week, while on Sunday there is a worship service. St Michael's offers its pupils a firm foundation based on the enduring truths of the Gospel of Jesus. St Michael's aims at a school society that lives out its ethos of commitment. The Carers' Club and the Chapel Servers' Guild are practical examples of this commitment that aim to produce caring adults who are more ready to serve than to be served and who have a commitment to improving their communities.


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