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As teachers/educators, our fundamental commitment is to our students and their pursuit of meaningful and successful lives and careers. We believe that providing a high standard of education alone, is not conducive to our goal. It has to go beyond the classroom scenario.


At Verney College, our commitment is to be open minded, accept and respect every student's individuality and encourage them to become self confident and determined to succeed in all aspects of life. We have embraced the philosophy of forging and developing friendships with our pupils, creating a bond with them which will enable us to assess their personalities, their weaknesses and their strengths, and to create a new generation where respect, compassion, tolerance and determination to succeed become priorities in their lives - present and future!


Regardless of I.Q , we believe that a well developed and balanced E.Q ( Emotional intelligence) will enable our students to succeed. It is important that our students feel comfortable, self confident and ready to face the future.


Academic Excellence can only be achieved once these principles have been instilled in our students.

Our School

  • Verney College is an English medium, co-educational primary and high school, catering for students from Grade 0 to Grade 12.

  • We are registered with the Independent Examinations Board (I.E.B.)

  • Our classes are small classes (20-25 pupils) and are taught by highly qualified teachers.

  • The School provides academic support, an after care and Study Centre for homework supervision with qualified teachers as well as a Computer Studies program.

  • A 100% Matric Pass and numerous distinctions have been obtained over the past few years.


Subjects offered:

Primary School

English, Mathematics, Afrikaans, Human Social Sciences, Science, Portuguese (optional), Arts and Culture, Life Orientation, Computer Studies, Technology, Natural Sciences and Drama.

High School

English, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Afrikaans, Portuguese (optional), Acountancy, History, Business Studies, Arts and Culture, Computer Studies, Life Orientation, Human Social Sciences, Economic Management Sciences, Technology, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, Dramatic Arts, Tourism and I.T. (Information Technology), Economics.


Other Information

  • Academic Support - Educational camps and outings

  • Transport provided in school buses - After Care Study Centre - Drama Club

  • Writing Club

  • Lego Club

  • Chess Club Sporting Activities - Cricket - Cross Country - Netball - Soccer - Athletics - Swimming


Contact Details
Tel : (011) 435-4214
Fax : (011) 435-9891

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