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The wonderful thing about education is that it prepares you for the future. The wonderful thing about the future is that it unfolds one day at a time. At Abbotts College Pretoria East, we will make every teaching day significant by depositing positive skills, values and attitudes into your child's future.

Through individual care and carefully planned career guidance, our students will be more than just the ordinary - they will become significant.

The management team and staff will strive to deliver a significant education where individuals will accept and respect each other's cultural diversity and personal identity. Together we will shape each other's' positive interaction styles through discipline, respect and integrity.

This College will provide meaningful purpose to your significance as an individual and actively guide your destiny to success.

Abbotts College Pretoria East will provide clear guidance and direction within a dynamic teaching environment that prepares our students for the responsible adult world. Continuous support, sound management practices and dedicated staff will ensure the ultimate educational experience.

Abbotts College - trust us to shape your future!

Anthony Jansen van Rensburg
Principal: Abbotts College Pretoria East


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