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ACUDEO College is founded in the Christian faith and principles.

ACUDEO is a composite word with the roots Acumen, the ability to think clearly, make good decisions and exercise sound judgement and Deo, which is Greek for God. The name Acudeo embodies growing one's knowledge and skills in the presence and under the guidance of God

I have been a resident of Crystal Park for over 22 years and have witnessed all the exciting developments in this quaint part of Benoni. It gives me such great pleasure to head this excellent school and to contribute to my community reaching higher and making a bigger impact on our world. I have more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of education, including managing the professional development of teachers at the South African Council of Educators (SACE). When I wake up in the morning I am powered by the opportunity God has given me to play a leading role in the lives of all of our learners as they discover life, acquire knowledge and learn more about themselves in creating their own futures. I am deeply aware of the importance of our parents as stakeholders in our school and seek to nurture this relationship at all times. I love my staff and I love the children you have entrusted to us for their education. As a very proud Principal of this school, I thank you for visiting our website.

Ms Sekgametsi Sebotsa


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