BenHale Academy, Benoni


School Information: BenHale Academy



Atlas Rd &, Silver Wings Blvd, Parkhaven, Boksburg, 1459
Type of school Independent School and Online School


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade RRR - Grade 12 (Pre-Primary, Primary and High School)

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At BenHale, we share your desire to see your child achieve financial independence and life success beyond school. We are proud of our Christian heritage and the forward-thinking, innovative culture that is characteristic of our school. "Our student's success is our success" informs our daily mission.

A child will thrive in an environment where they are unconditionally celebrated, where they feel free to express their imagination and inquiring nature that drives their learning. A BenHale student is a happy student. At BenHale, our students collaborate towards the attainment of shared academic, spiritual and life success goals.

Exposure and education will change your life. Both of these influence a child's perspective of the world around them. Our innovative approach to learning, designed to engage every student in the learning process provides experiential learning opportunities and fosters a love for learning and a mindset of success. It is now more important than ever before that we shape the future of our country by providing more than the traditional school offering and inspiring the discovery of individual purpose through exposure. The heart of our school is born from our devotion to our Christian faith which is instrumental in developing in each child a love towards God, a passion for learning and a love for humanity!  

Parents can take advantage of two enrolment options. A student can be enrolled as a full-time student on campus or you can take advantage of our full-time 360-degree online school which provides an affordable educational experience that is truly innovative, supportive and empowering.

We would be delighted to meet with you face to face or online to share our wonderful school with you.


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