Brescia House, Bryanston


Important School Information: Brescia House, Bryanston


Main Entrance: 14 Sloane Street, Bryanston (Coordinates: -26.045496, 28.015609)

Type of school

Independent Catholic Girls' School


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Grades Taught

Grade R - Grade 12 (Pre-Primary, Primary and High School)


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Brescia House School is an independent Catholic girls' school situated in the heart of Bryanston. Established in 1966 with only 196 learners, Brescia House School is one of South Africa's leading girls' schools. Over time, the school has developed an excellent reputation for the development of outstanding young girls who, benefiting from a well-rounded and balanced education, are able to make a meaningful contribution to society.



Brescia House School believes in

  • Creating a Christian atmosphere, in which principles of truth, love, justice and reverence become the criteria in life's decisions.

  • Working to achieve academic excellence and the development of the whole woman in all facets of her potential.

  • High standards of behaviour and discipline and in the importance of the individual and in her creative self-expression.

  • The dignity of all persons and in respecting the rights of others.

  • An open environment where all persons of our richly diverse society may grow in mutual understanding and acceptance.


Brescia House School is an independent Catholic girls' school, which serves the Catholic community but welcomes children of any denomination.


Admission to the school is determined by whether the prospective learner:

  • Is a Catholic
  • Has a sibling in the school
  • Is the daughter of a past pupil
  • belongs to a previously disadvantaged group.
  • The date of application is also taken into account.

The School's data programme automatically weights applications according to these criteria.


The school accepts no more than:

  • 24 learners into each grade 0 class (total 72 learners)
  • 26 learners in all other classes (total of 78 learners per grade)
  • In emergencies or to accommodate the sibling of another learner a 27th pupil may be accepted into a class.



Innovation in Academics

Foundation Phase skills include Literacy, Numeracy, Beginning Knowledge, Life Skills - including Arts and Culture and ICT.

In the Intermediate Phase, girls continue to develop their skills and talents in language, learning and communication (English, Afrikaans and isiZulu), Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Technology and Arts and Culture. Inquiry-Based Learning further enhances these programmes.

The Grade 7s are part of the Secondary School and continue their path in the Senior Phase - Grades 7 to 9, with the following subjects: English, Afrikaans/isiZulu, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Technology and EMS. Inquiry-Based Learning programmes also form part of the GET phase.

The FET phases, comprising of grades 10 to 12, offer the following: Compulsory: English, Afrikaans/isiZulu, Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation. Optional subjects (choice of three): Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, History, Geography, Accounting, Business Studies, Visual Art, Music, Dramatic Arts, Information Technology, Computer Application Technology, Consumer Studies.

Brescia House School's vision is to create a dynamic learning community where the use of ICT is integral to the learning of every girl. Access to the school's wireless facility makes it easy for girls to work from anywhere in the school - including outdoors during break time.

Brescia House School has been identified by Microsoft as a Showcase School since 2014. Microsoft Showcase Schools are recognised by Microsoft as the change makers in education.


Our students now embrace mobile and cloud technology daily in order to better prepare them for future success in the workplace.

The Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIEE) program is an exclusive program created to recognize global educator visionaries who are using technology to pave the way for their peers for better learning and student outcomes. Almost all Brescia House School teachers are currently recognised as Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts.



Sporting Vitality
The main purpose of sport at Brescia House School is to provide each individual pupil with the knowledge and experience to want to be FIT FOR LIFE.



Our sporting facilities include two hockey fields, a mini astro, a full aquatic complex with heated pools and a hotpot, eight tennis courts, netball courts and good relationships with the Bryanston Country Club and the Randburg Sports facility.



Brescia House School boasts not only wide participation in sporting activities, but also top achievements in diving, swimming, tennis, hockey, netball, indoor hockey, indoor netball, girls' soccer and athletics.

Cultural Flair
Beyond their classes, students will participate in a wide array of integrated cultural activities throughout the week. Each year, senior girls take part in the Mathematics and English Olympiads as well as Art, Music, entrepreneurial and environmental projects and competitions.

Public speaking and debating develops confident and articulate young women and provides them with an invaluable skill that will serve them well throughout life. Field trips, often entailing a few days away, are a regular feature of school life. Music is also a vital part of school life, both in worship and in recreation, and the school has four active choirs and several instrumental ensembles. Teatime concerts are held every two weeks and regular evening concerts offer opportunities for pupils at all levels to showcase their talents.



Green Initiative
Since 2008, Brescia House School has been actively involved in the Eco-Schools programme managed by WESSA.

We encourage recycling by collecting bottle tops for the Sweethearts Foundation. For every 430 kgs of bottle tops collected, the Sweethearts Foundation administer a wheelchair to someone in need.

Brescia House School was awarded The Platinum Certificate Year 1 for the Eco- Schools work done in 2013. In order to achieve this certificate, a school needs to sustain environmental education and management for six years.

In addition to an initial attempt at Solar Alternative Power, the school has installed solar panels on the rooftop of the swimming pool grandstand, and completed an overhaul of their lighting system by converting to LED lights where possible and generally making lighting use as efficient as possible. The school continues to explore all eco-friendly options for operational running.

Brescia House School's motto, translated from Latin Serviam, means 'I will Serve'. We proudly strive to live up to the philosophy of Serviam to God and our neighbours through identified projects in our surrounding community. Despite the economic constraints we all face every day, Brescia House School pupils, parents and staff continue to give geneorusly of their time and energy, as well as donations for worthy causes. Our numerous Community Outreach activities are enthusiastically supported.

Global Education Programme
Brescia House School is part of a worldwide Ursuline network of schools, committed to the education of young women in a manner which fosters in them the visions, hopes and dreams to contribute fully as participants on an international platform.

The schools collaborate in a Global Education Programme so that pupils of Ursuline schools can travel and meet with their Ursuline counterparts, exchange ideas, form networks and develop the confidence that will stand them in good stead in the future.

'With the shrinking of the world into a smaller global village, we have recognized the need to forge greater bonds with our fellow Ursuline schools around the world,' said Sr Diane, School Representative for the Ursuline Schools in Southern Africa.

It is also through this networking that the pupils learn more about the culture of other societies and work to form a better understanding of the world in which we live. The exchange also allows for the teachers to discuss educational issues with the intention of forming educational exchanges. Many of the pupils and teachers skype each other on a regular basis and exchange educational material or ideas.

Visits to and from Ursuline schools across the world has become an annual occurrence for both staff and pupils of the Global Education Programme. The school has had several exchanges in the last few years and has established strong ties with the Ursuline Academies in the USA, Brazil, Europe and Australia.




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