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Our Mission

The Pastoral Care Team consisting of management, our Educational Psychologists, our fulltime Chaplain and Life Orientation teachers regularly meet to ensure that the emotional and spiritual welfare of our community is nurtured and enhanced. The College also affords all its Catholic students an opportunity to enhance their Sacramental development. The spiritual growth of each person is at the heart of everything we do.

Reaching out to others gives students at CBC Mount Edmund the opportunity to realise their own responsibility to assist those who are in need. Our value-based education creates students who are socially responsible and able to identify the needs in our community and to respond appropriately. The leadership style of the College is modelled according to the example of Jesus Christ and we instil an understanding of servant leadership in all our staff and students alike.

We offer excellent education with a wide range of subjects. Our staff are appropriately qualified and at the forefront of their fields of expertise. Our academic rigour is aimed at developing young adults with the ability to choose from a variety of options at tertiary level. Our annual university acceptance rate is always above 90%. All our facilities are constantly upgraded to ensure that we remain current. Our fully computerised library and resource centre challenge students to read further than the scope of the curriculum.


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