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Though it is vital that our teachers be qualified to teach their specific age group, it is equally important to us that all of our teachers really love children and are passionate about them and investing in their little lives. In a nutshell we can confidently say, "Jesus loves the little children and so do we!"

At City Kids Preschool fosters an environment of fun, friends and play. Though each child's academic progress, developmental milestones, social integration, respect for others and adherence to rules and structures are all important, it is also essential that every child still get to have the joy of "being a child!" We are a preschool where laughter and fun are encouraged. After all, this is literally the best time of their precious lives!

We talk about Jesus, sing about Jesus and constantly reinforce foundational beliefs such as:

"God loves you."
"There is something special Jesus made you to do that only YOU can do!"
It's ok to say "I'm sorry."
And really great to be able to say, "I forgive you."
"Jesus is your friend. He will always love you even when you make mistakes."

On and on we could talk about this!

Why is this important? Children are forming their identity, character, ideas about how they see the world and God and how the world and God sees them. We want to instill security, acceptance and confidence to be uniquely who God has made them to be!

After all, your child/children are away from you 30-50 hours a week!

What are they getting? Many schools will cover the basics and do a very good job with that! But City Kids Preschool will go beyond that by bringing Jesus to your kids.

Believing that our role as a preschool is to partner with and support the parents of each child in our school. One of the ways we do this is through open communication that enables a greater working together regarding the individual needs of each child. We always want parents to be able to come speak to us about concerns pertaining to their children. We are on the same team! And our primary focus is the safety, happiness and well being of every child in our care.


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