Duende Academy, Krugersdorp

Important School Information: Cornerstone Christian School


"A quality of passion and inspiration", that is the slogan for our Academy. It takes baby steps which will grow into huge leaps, making a difference in the heart and soul of every learner that takes the pride studying here. Small, intimate classes providing an education that is both interesting and fun puts a smile on each face, a smile that will become a smile of a future leader. Our Academy makes differences in the lives of many children, from offering innovative, high-quality education to outstanding extra-curricular activities.

Opening the Academy is a dream in many instances such as; teaching new things in life, shaping the future together and lets you take initiative, deal with responsibilities, giving an opportunity to share knowledge in different fields and the opportunity of shaping the life's of children - as the saying goes: "Children are like wet cement, whatever touches them in their youth leaves a lasting impression.

Making a difference in someone else's life was and will always be a dream, passion, and goal of our Academy. With passion, inspiration, perseverance, adaptability, self-motivation, a mixture of our strengths, life experience, achievements and most importantly our knowledge, we believe we can make a difference in the youth of today. We will always be available to teach, listen and make children feel safe and needed. By helping a single child, that child can make such a big difference in his/her community. A life can be restored, dreams can be built again. We will strive to develop each child in a whole, meaning, intellectually, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


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