EduPlex, Pretoria


Important School Information: Eduplex Private School, Pretoria




1175 Cowgill Street, Queenswood, Pretoria, South Africa

Type of school

Pre-School, Primary School and High School


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

3 Years to Matric

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(012) 941-2000 / (012) 333-7143



Eduplex is a private, parallel-medium school incorporating world-class facilities and serving as an international model for schools. As a Christian school aiming for high academic standards, we strive to provide your child with only the best learning environment and a healthy balance between academics, sport and culture. We follow a holistic curriculum that keeps up with the latest educational practice. Pupils are encouraged to creatively apply their knowledge to enable them to develop their skills and a healthy philosophy of life. The high staff/pupil ratio at Eduplex, enables us to provide individual attention for each pupil. Our modern designed classrooms, interactive gardens and optimal use of the latest classroom technology, makes Eduplex the ideal school for your child.




At our Pre-School, children learn through self-discovery and experimentation in their learning environment. Within a carefully structured daily programme, Eduplex offers each child the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities. We strive to guide and empower our children to use their creative abilities to the full, so that each child can develop his/her own unique identity and positive self-esteem.



Our Curriculum focuses on developing each child socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually. Our content is based on Christian principles. We place particular emphasis on the development of children's language and listening skills. Our carefully planned and maintained interactive gardens are an extension of our child-friendly playrooms and are specifically designed to provide additional learning opportunities.

Our play rooms are equipped with sophisticated technology, including a Sound Field system, and are acoustically treated to keep unnecessary noise to the minimum and to optimise listening opportunities. We have large monitors in each classroom where the teachers can project PowerPoint, as well as other educational presentations. Each class, with an optimal number of 25 children, is facilitated by a qualified teacher and a classroom assistant. This ensures that individual attention can be offered to each child. Because music is one of the best ways to integrate brain development our qualified music teacher presents music lessons, as part of our weekly programme. Our qualified movement teacher presents an outstanding movement programme during the school day, to prepare our pre-schoolers for sport, but also to develop their coordination, stamina, muscle tone, bala
nce and concentration.



Primary School




We offer quality education to learners in Grades 1 - 7.
The school follows the curriculum, as prescribed by the Department of Education, supplemented by a variety of resources that maximizes learning in all subject areas. Great emphasis is laid upon leadership development, entrepreneurial skills, the development of creative thinking and application of knowledge. Eduplex focuses on the holistic development of each learner, with its integrated academic, sport and culture programmes. Qualified teachers and classroom assistants ensure:


  • high staff-pupil ratio (Optimum of 25 learners per class)

  • multi-level teaching practices

  • sufficient time to attend to individual needs.


Eduplex serves as a model for inclusive education internationally by offering an extensive curriculum, striving for high academic standards in a multi-level teaching programme.



High School

Eduplex High School is a dynamic academic environment that provides quality education to all learners within the parameters of a sound value system.
Academic success is achieved through a research-based process of continuous and collaborative planning, implementation, evaluation and expanding of the curriculum.

It's good to be part of Eduplex.

Each learner enjoys individual attention and writes the Independent Examinations Board examination. We follow the National Curriculum. Through continuous in service training, our teachers are equipped with the latest trends in differentiation, inclusion and effective classroom methodology. Eduplex serves as a model for inclusive education internationally by offering an extensive curriculum and striving for high academic standards in a fully differentiated programme.

Unlock your potential
The skills and creativity of our learners are optimally developed through a holistic approach to the curriculum, including modern educational practice and technology.

Subjects Offered

  • Afrikaans Home Language

  • Afrikaans First Additional Language

  • English Home Language

  • English First Additional Language

  • Mathematics

  • Mathematics Literacy

  • Life Orientation

  • Physical Science

  • Life Sciences

  • Accounting

  • Business Studies

  • CAT (Computer Application Technology)

  • Geography

  • Visual Art

  • EGD (Engineering Graphics and Design)

  • Hospitality Studies

  • Tourism

  • Information Technology





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