Happy Days Preschool and Creche, Kempton Park

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Happy and active children are creative children who are willing to learn. All our programmes are designed to stimulate learning through the five senses; smell, touch, hear, taste and seeing. Cognitive stimulation of the mind is also important, and this is achieved through imagination, creative thinking, social interaction and most of all learning through play and fun. With a vast and varied teaching experience, we will be creating a learning environment based largely on the most modern and adaptable education principles. Fun, Learning, Friends and Creativity!

About us
Our administration is of the highest technical level with all pupil details and accounts fully computerised.

All applications can be downloaded from our Website for convenience.

Happy Days Child Care Centre cc was established in 1987 in Edleen, Kempton Park, being the first multi-racial centre in Kempton Park. It is also the oldest creche and pre-school centre - with unchanged ownership since 1987.

Our centre is full-service and is fully approved by the relevant authorities.
Our centres are fully-fledged Edu-care centres and NOT merely play centres.


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