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No 36, R114, Fourways

Type of school

Independent Co-ed School


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade 0000 to Grade 12  (Pre-Preparatory, Preparatory, High School)


011 540 4800 


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Educating Young South Africans With Heart
At HeronBridge College, we believe that all children are gifted and talented by God in different areas but still need to learn life skills. We aim to educate children in such a way so as to achieve their personal best while allowing them to honourably face the challenges that life places in their path, thereby glorifying God.


HeronBridge College Pre-Preparatory
Young children are unique and need adults to care for them and teach them in ways that enhance all areas of their development, i.e. social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual. It also recognizes the vast amount of development that occurs in the early years of a child's life and hence the need to explore, experience and discover different things in their immediate environment. HeronBridge provides a suitable Pre-Preparatory Curriculum by ensuring that our curriculum is founded on strong Perceptual Motor Development skills, which forms the foundation of learning to read, write and do mathematics. Our programme, as it is referred to in the early childhood years , is set out in the form of adult guided activities, child initiated activities and routine.



HeronBridge College Preparatory
Children are born eager to learn and it is our joy to keep this 'wonder' and 'excitement' alive as we develop the makings of a lifelong learner. Our Junior Preparatory aims to provide enriching experiences and exciting challenges that encourage collaboration, creativity and critical thinking, in order to prepare children for the future and equip them to be able to face what lies ahead with determination and excitement. Our child-focussed, multi-sensory approach to learning ensures that we are laying strong, solid foundations on which to build, fostering every child's natural ability and desire to learn and grow all the while strengthening learning potential. At HeronBridge we work within the framework of the National Curriculum Statement. We strive to provide our pupils with an education that is relevant to them and the ever changing world that they live in. Our pupils are nurtured and encouraged to maximise their individual potential and achieve their personal best in each subject on offer. In the Senior Primary Phase we offer a more formalised learning environment, class teaching still occurs at a Grade Four level. In Grade Five learners remain with their homeroom teachers for the core subjects viz. English, Afrikaans and Mathematics and are introduced to specialist teachers for the Cultural subjects. In Grades Six and Seven our pupils are exposed to subject specialist teaching. We offer a holistic curriculum covering a wide range of subjects: English, Afrikaans (IsiZulu is offered on a co-curricular level), Mathematics, Natural Sciences, History, Geography, Life Orientation, Physical Education, EMS, Design and Technology, Art, Drama, Music (Grades 4 - 6) and Bible Education. We extend the classroom beyond the walls of our property and our pupils are taken on excursions, theatre visits and tours. Where possible we invite guest speakers into our lessons.

HeronBridge College
Our focus is on a broad blend of academic, sporting, cultural, leadership, social and spiritual activities. We excel in all these spheres and we take pride in providing a culture of excellence in all areas. Our pupils are encouraged to participate across the board, for the sake of their own personal growth and the good of the whole.

Vital to our ethos are the following:

  • A strong focus on Academics, while at the same time understanding that this is just one piece of the education puzzle. Our results over the years speak for themselves in terms of IEB standards, University entrance and preparation for life. We emphasise critical thinking, entrepreneurship and problem solving, and technology is embraced when it enhances the learning experience.

  • Outreach and Mission trips. Our pupils are involved weekly in Pre-Primary schools in the local area through an Outreach Club and, in their school holidays, the Grade 11's travel on mission trips to the Eastern Cape, Lesotho, KZN, Malelane and Zambia every year. We run feeding schemes into our partner schools where we are currently feeding 700 children every day.

  • Our co-curricular programme is full and varied. It provides options throughout so that pupils can choose whatever suits their own particular talents best. We prize involvement by all, but seek to be as competitive as possible - the latter being evident in our performance in the various leagues and the number of area, provincial and national selections that we provide.

  • When it comes to Social and Emotional Learning, HeronBridge is leading the way with a comprehensive SEL programme and Grade Tutors who understand that education is so much more than Grade 12 results.


Our motto, Ad Integritatem, means Towards Integrity and it is this value that underscores HeronBridge College's efforts at every level. Our Heads of School represent us on various ISASA and SAHISA executives and actively guide a full complement of well-qualified academic staff. Registered with the Independent Schools Association of South Africa, ISASA, HeronBridge presently subscribes to the Revised National Curriculum and its associated Outcomes Based Approach. HeronBridge Pre-Preparatory's passion for early childhood development places an emphasis on the importance of play and perceptual motor skills, setting the scene for active and effective learning in the formal schooling years. 

The Independent Examination Board sets the benchmark for our school leavers' certification. All key learning areas are extensively covered through a comprehensive and progressional curriculum, with a focus on higher order thinking skills and problem solving. The subjects on offer include English, Afrikaans, Mathematics, Art, Drama, Music, Computer Studies, Design and Technology, Social Sciences (History and Geography), Natural Sciences (Biology and Physical Science), Bible Education, Physical Education and Life Orientation.


Computer centres provide the pupils with modern technology and readily available research facilities. Beyond their formal instruction in computer literacy, the children may use the spacious media centre to study and complete assignments. 

Sporting activities involve the teams in inter-school leagues, whilst an energetic Arts and Culture Department brings HeronBridge College enviable repute across the region. The extramural programme balances a tension between competitive practice and participation by all pupils. In the Foundation Phase, Grade One and Two children enjoy the "Integrated Day" wherein all their extramurals are timetabled for them. Through the programme they are exposed to a wide variety of sporting and cultural activities. Competitive participation begins at the age of nine and continues through to the final year of school. 



With variation allowed to accommodate different age groups, a typical week in the life of a pupil could include:

  • Boarding the school bus to get to or from school

  • periods of independent study and research assignments;

  • completing homework at the aftercare;

  • a practice session, match or league event related to any one or more of the main sporting codes (cricket, tennis, netball, hockey, soccer, swimming, water polo, rugby, athletics or cross country);

  • a spin on a mountain bike;

  • a climb up the rock climbing wall

  • picnics on the river bank;

  • rehearsals for a major production;

  • a session with the choir;

  • entry into the regional eisteddfod;

  • specialised tuition in drama, pottery, computers, chess,

  • modern dance, hip hop, ballet, photography, debating and public speaking;

  • a school social or excursion;

  • College Councillors meetings and outreach activities.


To be associated with HeronBridge College is to enjoy an ethos, and environment, conducive to the development of children in the present, and a culture that will impact their lives into the future.



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