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Every child is registered with CAPS or GED learning curricula, they receive daily lessons and we ensure they complete their required tasks and preset work and activities on a daily basis. We assist them with one-on-one explanations when they have questions and need help, so they donít have to sit at home alone while their parents are at work.

Honeycomb College Fees are for 11 months only. The last payment is at the end of November and only again at the end of January the following year! For our Juniors, Honeycomb College Grade 1 to 7 offer in-class tutoring for students who aim to complete their primary school on the CAPS Syllabus. Our students enjoy one-on-one assistance, explanations, lessons and attention from qualified teachers.

For our Seniors, Honeycomb College Grade 8 to 12 offer in-class tutoring for students who aim to complete their high school on the American Syllabus.

​We offer the GETeducare Syllabus with weekly lessons / classes, of which also includes many voice and video guides, books and term tests.

High school learners can be assured of quality examinations in accordance with the legislation policy for administration to University.

Grade 8-12 Core Subjects:
Social Studies
Problem Solving & Psychology.


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