Jahari Christian Academy

Important School Information: Jahari Christian Academy, Benoni


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Jahari Christian Academy was established 2011

We started this school as a response to a call we felt to address the needs in our community for individual education and upliftment.

Grade 1 to 12 education

  • Students are diagnosed academically and placed on the appropriate level.
  • Student -teacher ratio 1:15 maximum


Biblical Based Curriculum

Teaching Biblical values, character building and leadership development


Autonomous Learning

Autonomous learning is defined as an approach to learning with which learners hold the power or right to regulate and control their own learning activities. Learners are in charge of their own learning processes with autonomy. Autonomous learning is also called self-directed learning.


Learning to learn is essential in the development of a self-regulated, autonomous learner. Teaching the skills of researching, developing critical and creative thinking, communication skills, and social and self-management abilities is key for learners today (OECD, 2018).


There are many examples of learners who excelled academically thanks to sheer grit and commitment to hard work. That is the work ethic expected from learners.

Our curricula promote self-discipline and autonomous learning, and are aimed to guide our learners develop the ability to study through self-paced learning. Although the required pass mark is a minimum of 70%, the aim is not merely to help learners get good marks, but to prepare them for study at a tertiary level, where discipline and self-paced learning are crucial keys for success.

Student-centered learning emphasizes each student's interests, abilities, and learning styles, placing the teacher as a facilitator of learning for individuals rather than for the class as a whole.

In a teacher-centered classroom, teachers choose what the students will learn, how the students will learn, and how the students will be assessed on their learning. In contrast, student-centered learning requires students to be active, responsible participants in their own learning and with their own pace of learning.


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