Kingsmead College, Johannesburg

Important School Information: Kingsmead College, Johannesburg


132 Oxford Road (Entrance in Tottenham Avenue) Melrose, Johannesburg (Opposite the Rosebank Gautrain Station)

Type of school

Independent Christian Girls' School


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Grades Taught

Grade 000 - Grade 12 (Pre-Primary, Primary and High School)


011 731-7400

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Kingsmead College is a leading Christian Girls' School situated in beautiful grounds in Melrose, Johannesburg. The school, which caters for girls from Grade 000 to Grade 12, was founded in October 1933 and is comprised of around 870 girls.



Pre-Primary School
The Bluebells and Buttercups

The Kingsmead College pre-primary school (Grade 000 and 00) is situated in the beautiful heritage house called Mornington, in the heart of Kingsmead College, and is next to St Brigid's Chapel.

This provides a warm and secure environment in which our youngest students learn. It has a well-equipped and purpose-built playground which offers plenty of opportunity for exploration and fantasy play. Specialist teachers in ballet, physical education, music and computers further stimulate our young learners.

  • We undertake to nurture our learners spiritual, intellectual, social, moral, physical and emotional development in a caring, yet challenging environment. In the process, we will embrace the best innovative and tested learning experiences to enhance their education and growth, to ensure relevance to the society in which we live.

  • We shall endeavour, through example and invitation, to promote independent thinking whilst living out the values of the Gospel enshrined in our school motto "Be first, that you may be of service".

  • We will encourage each other to be the best person we can be and to develop a commitment of service to others. We shall always strive to ensure that the rights of all are held sacred.

Junior School Academics

As part of educating our pupils as individuals who share a love of learning, our approach in the Junior School is to foster the development of multiple dimensions of their abilities. Some examples of these would be: using information technology as part of global best-practice; developing study skills; reflecting on academic growth in order to inform future goals; nurturing the technical and performance skills of Art, Music and Drama; and participating in Public Speaking, Literary, Mathematics and General Knowledge fun events.

We have implemented the teaching of Prime Maths (based on Singapore Maths), from grades one to five, as a way of facilitating deep conceptual understanding within a problem-solving framework.

The awarding of our 'Thinking School Status' was the culmination of four years of rigorous work in developing our school as one that is focused on this whole-school approach. Our staff has had extensive training and the teaching of 'Thinking' is now an integral part of who, and what, we are as a school. Our approach is informed by the 'Growth Mind-Set' philosophy- believing that, through deliberate practice, Kingsmead College Thinking School logoeffort and good teaching, we continue to grow our intelligence throughout our lives and effectively become smarter.

School Facilities

Technology plays a vital role in streamlining most aspects of modern day living and the need for an adequate understanding and utilisation of technology has become obvious from the early stages of our children's development.

The Junior School is committed to advancing the use of technology in the classroom and has two fully equipped IT Labs, one equipped with Apple iMacs, which operate on Windows as well as Apple Macintosh operating systems. Many other venues and classroom are equipped with computers, interactive whiteboards and data projectors so as to further enhance the learning experience and to allow for the integration of online resources in the classroom and engage students in curriculum lessons.

The Junior School offers computer-based learning and interaction from as early as Grade 0. During Computer Literacy lessons the Knowledge Networks Programme is followed and this enables the accelerated and progressive development of ICT skills in the Windows environment and using MS Office software and other applications.

During project-based lessons the relevant computers skills are acquired and simultaneous development of thinking skills, listening, concentration and memory skills, lateral thinking and creativity, problem-solving skills, research, planning and time management and user-independence takes place.

In addition, The Junior School offers computer-based learning through the use of visually stimulating interactive e-Learning programmes such as 'Readers are Leaders', 'Cami Maths and Cami Reader', 'Mathletics' and 'Typing Master', which not only develop skills in Language, Mathematics and Keyboarding, but also open their minds to learning through the use of technology.

Throughout your daughters' years at Kingsmead College, the responsible and creative use of technology will be nurtured. From Grade 4, each girl is provided with her own email address and server side storage to increase the efficiency of learning and communication. Internet access is available to all girls during lessons and during free time, which is supervised.


At Kingsmead we encourage participation in sport as part of promoting a positive attitude to a healthy lifestyle. Kingsmead is a competitive small school, achieving excellent results at Inter-School events.

We achieve this by using our wonderful sporting facilities to the fullest, combined with employing top-graded Coaches to complement the skills of our Physical Education Teachers.

We endeavour to provide an enjoyable and fulfilling sporting experience.


Senior School Academics
True to the ethos of Kingsmead College, our Academic Programme is tailored to the needs of each girl. The passionate and dedicated staff provide academic leadership and support to girls from diverse academic backgrounds making us all the more proud of the fact that we consistently produce results among the best in the country in the IEB (Independent Examinations Board) NSC (National Senior Certificate) examinations.

Kingsmead does not distinguish acceptance purely on an academic level but rather seeks to nurture every pupil in a way that allows them to reach their potential. The key structures to the Academic Programme are the focus on research and thinking skills. Several school projects and research essays are developed around these two cornerstones in Grades 8 - 11. This develops an enquiring mind which positions the girls with the best opportunity to achieving academic success.

The IEB NSC exams are widely recognised internationally and have contributed to many of our girls being accepted directly into such prestigious international Universities as University of Edinburgh and St Andrews University and many of them have subsequently gone on to achieve academic success at Oxford University. Indeed, Kingsmead Old Girls have explored further tertiary educational opportunities in Australia, Scotland, England, the United States of America.

The Arts

Kingsmead College has an active and progressive Arts Department, which provides a variety of activities in which the girls can participate. We strive to find a balance between enjoyment and excellence and encourage our girls to participate actively in all on offer:


Annual Production, Public Speaking, Debating, Dancing, Art Club, Inter-House Arts (including Art, Drama, Music and Dance)


Individual Instrumental Tuition (at parents' cost):
Classical & Contemporary Piano, Violin, Viola, Cello, Flute (& piccolo, alto flute), Oboe, Clarinet, Saxophone, Brass, Classical & Contemporary Guitar, Drum set, Voice.


Group Music:
Choir, Chamber Choir, Wind band, Flute Ensemble, String Ensemble, Marimba Band.

Ample performance opportunities allow girls to perform regularly, e.g. annual SASMT Festival, National Eisteddfod, external examinations such as TCL, ABRSM and UNISA, competitions and the Johannesburg Youth Orchestras.

In collaboration with Lovemore Music and Yamaha, Kingsmead hosts an annual Orchestra and Ensemble Festival for Senior Schools to provide a platform for young musicians to perform together and to promote ensemble playing.


Christian Values
The School Song
Franc Ha Leal

While the value of truth shall endure
And the onward path be straight and sure
Then with all your zeal stand by Franc Ha Leal,
And your future is secure
Though the sands of time pass away,
Keep your faith in the true Christian way,
Free and loyal yet, you will not forget
The ideals you cherish today.
As you face the years you will banish all your
With the hope that guides you on your way,
Free and loyal yet, you will not forget
The ideals you cherish today.

The Kingsmead Blessing

Loyal, Happy and Free
Guard that good thing, committed to thee
Goodness, Beauty and Truth
Guard that good thing, committed to thee
Let us keep safe
The spirit of happiness
And praise with our lives
The values of Kingsmead;
Search after God,
In whom there is peace,
The Soul and Spirit
Of love and service

The School Prayer

O God,
by whose manifold grace
all things work together for good
to them that love You,
establish we pray You
the thing that You have wrought in us,
and make this school
as a field which the Lord has blessed;
that whatsoever things are true,
pure, lovely and of good report,
may here forever flourish and abound.
Preserve in it an
unblemished name;
enlarge it with a wider usefulness,
and exalt it in the love and
reverence of all its members
as an instrument of Your glory,
we ask this in Your name.


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