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We chose the baobab as our logo as it symbolises Power, Presence, Strength and Grace.

LearnWrite = the Power to unlock, the Presence to recognize, the Strength to change and the Grace to accept.

LearnWrite believes that each individual has great potential and unique strengths and abilities. By unlocking and tapping into each child's potential, developing coping strategies and building confidence and self-esteem, we aim to mainstream learners as soon as they are able.

LearnWrite provides individualised, specialised schooling for learners who experience a barrier/s to learning. The school aims to equip all learners holistically with the essential foundational skills within a secure, supportive and nurturing environment. Learning and overall development takes place in a non-threatening, loving and structured setting where learners gain confidence, their self-esteem is boosted and maintained and they are able to develop to the best of their abilities.


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