Lofland Montessori Private Nature Pre-Primary

Important School Information: Lofland Montessori Private Nature Pre-Primary, Randfontein


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LOFLAND is a private learning institution, focussing on overcoming visible learning shortages and problems currently experienced in mainstream schools.


The development of happy, highly intelligent, unique and independent individuals. Where kids can still be kids. Lofland Montessori Private Nature school has created an environment where preschoolers can learn from a wide variety of subjects to ensure your child is able to reach his/her full potential. Our school is Nature orientated, we focus on character building and values as much as their intellectual development.

Our children water their plants and vegetables and feed the animals every morning while we play worship music to set the tone for a great day.  Each child has a practical lesson in the play centre and a formal lesson in the classroom per day. Our children have space to learn and are not cooped in a small classroom their entire day.

We do not let our children watch TV as we believe they can do it over weekends.

Our school fees include the following:
2 Hip Hop dance classes per month
2 Self Defense classes month
2 Musical classes per month

We believe that the above activities should be included in every child's development.
Preschoolers are classified as genius and we give the necessary attention to each child and baby and their aptitude.
Our learning fields include: Young Engineers, Young Explorers and daily Bible Study which is our most important foundation in preparation for the future.
Cambridge Maths and Science through STEM activities help to create an understanding for these subject fields.
Additional languages: English, Zulu en Mandarin.
Planting and animal interaction creates respect for nature, and teaches responsible behavior.

Our facilities includes:
A Mini town, Toddler Gym, Restaurant, Mini market additionally to our play zone.

Activities and fantasy play area are designed to encourage a foundation and confidence in their abilities and success in areas like Project planning, designing, building and creating. Our activities build self confidence and independent thinking. Robotics and Coding gives our children an advantage.

Our Gr R group completes CAPS, ELDAs in accordance to our public school system as well as additional Montessori and Cambridge activities to prepare our preschoolers for private schools. Our baby house follows a curriculum based on Early Childhood Developmental Milestones to ensure optimal development, as well as our baby gymnasium.
A Full time behavioral scientist forms part of our team to ensure the well balanced healthy development of our preschoolers.

Children develop behavioral and learning due to lack of stimulation and uncomfortable learning environments.

Lofland have the environment and an additional class that also lends a solution for children who are already struggling with behavioral or learning problems due to lack of stimulation.

Half day- R1350,00 pm
Full day R1780, 00 pm