Melville Montessori pre-primary school, Westdene

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Melville Montessori pre-primary school is located in the residential area of Westdene. The school is situated on the border of Westdene and Melville. Our guard oversees the security of the school and looks after the general upkeep of the beautiful gardens in-between his security duties.

We are an English medium, co-ed school with many different denominations making up our splendid multi-cultural environment. The beautiful oregon pine floors and high pressed ceilings add to the charm of the buildings. The building dates back to the early nineteen twenties and is very well maintained.

The grounds consist of delightful beds of Agapanthus and a huge Jacaranda tree with the jungle gyms situated under and through the tree. The tree shades the children from the harsh summer sun. During the months of October the Jacaranda blossoms fall continuously to the ground for approximately 3 weeks and the purple carpet along with the blue blossoms of the Agapanthus is a truly magnificent sight.

MMS has been in existence for 25 years. We are a small school, which runs on the Montessori approach and the staff are equipped to meet the growing needs of the young children during their formative years. The children have a friendly, homely environment in which to grow. The ambience of the school is light and happy and one instantly feels calm and tranquility when entering the environment.

The brood of chickens meandering through the gardens, teaches the children to love and respect their environment and those that live in it.

By recognizing the needs of each child we help our children to develop confidence and build their self-esteem to its fullest. Our children move on to primary schools of their choice, well equipped to continue developing in their school years ahead.

The staff are dedicated and are all Montessori trained excepting for the assistant teachers that work alongside the qualified directresses. We all have updated first aid training. Our school is divided into different areas found in the Montessori curriculum e.g. language, mathematics, practical life, sensorial, cultural and music appreciation. Each area houses a qualified directress who is responsible for the teaching of her own specific subject.

The Montessori approach to learning allows for a child to develop at his/her own pace and to explore their surroundings through their five senses. There are five main needs for children, namely -

Joy in learning
Love of order
The need to be independent
The need to be respected and listened to
Interest in fact and fiction


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