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Merry Days & Little Saints Preschools are private schools situated in Fourways, Johannesburg. We follow the National Early childhood Development curriculum and pride ourselves on nurturing and stimulating children at this crucial development period. The nature of teaching in the early years is unlike that of any other age group.

Play forms the foundation of the Merry Days & Little Saints programme. In our play rich environment, your child will learn about themselves; learn what words to use when asking for something; How to climb a jungle gym; what primary & secondary colours are; Colours & Shapes; Days of the week & Months; How to be a friend. Play helps children define who they are and involves singing, creative activities, fantasy play and sharing. Play is therefore the cornerstone of learning, the foundation from which children venture fourth to investigate and test. Our loving and qualified teachers plan a curriculum, that includes play as a medium for learning and as children grow, they integrate and assimilate their play experiences. What starts out as play and sheer fun is transformed into learning experiences.

We believe that through a play based programme we meet and develop a whole child, a child who is physically, Emotionally, Cognitively, Socially and Spiritually ready to face and meet the challenges of formal learning.


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