Mina Lopato Nursery School, Greenside

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Mina Lopato celebrates diversity, curiosity, and kindness with deep South African roots and a Jewish soul.

Mina Lopato Nursery School has proudly served the communities in and around Greenside since 1961. Founded on Jewish values, we continue to create an environment that feels like home but also encourages children to seek out a greater understanding of the world beyond. We believe true education goes beyond academics to embrace all kinds of learning--and all kinds of learners. In 2016, Mina Lopato moved into the spacious hall of the Greenside Synagogue. All five classes lead into a massive, sunny indoor play area that houses a custom-designed "Geppetto's World" play area and a state-of-the-art (and still delightfully classic) library. Outside, our beautiful gardens and thoughtfully designed play areas give learning a welcome breath of fresh air.

Mina Lopato Nursery School and Greenside Synagogue enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship and celebrate all Jewish holidays under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Mendel Rabinowitz and Adina Roth.


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