Pipsqueaks Pre-primary School, Waterkloof Glen

School Information: Pipsqueaks Pre-primary School, Pretoria


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Pipsqueaks Nursery school presents your child with a stimulating and interesting environment that encourages carefree play. Your child's imagination is given free reign to enhance creative ideas, results and development whereby, your child empowers himself play-play. The play phase of any child's development is of cardinal importance. The attitude and authority of home will be further developed here so that this becomes a second home for your most valuable asset and where he/she will always be important. Pipsqueaks is proud to announce that we have our own baby, toddler and pre-primary departments as well as our own Sport and Music academies. At Pipsqueaks we believe that growing up is fun!

Ages 3 months to 6 years
Smaller classes with weekly themes
Stimulating, nurturing and safe environment
Structured curriculum in a homely atmosphere
Christian education
Sensorial baby classes and an unique stimulation program for babies
Creative thinking, mathematical competencies and language development
Educational computer classes and imaginative play corners
Music and drama syllabus and educational art classes
One stop shop for baby and toddler needs

Qualified therapists:
1. Physio Therapist
2. Speech Therapist
3. Occupational Therapist

Language Stimulation Groups
Language is a beautiful gift. With it we can share our wants, our needs, our thoughts, our feelings and everything that makes us human. If you spend time with a child, you have the power to give and nurture this gift of communication.

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