Poplar Academy, Crowthorne


Important School Information: Poplar Academy, Crowthorne


39 Whisken Ave Crowthorne Midrand

Type of school

Independent Coed School


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Boys and Girls

Grades Taught

Grade R - Grade 12 (Pre-Primary, Primary and High School)


011 702 3299

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Have you considered your child's education with a view of attaining international school leaver's qualifications?

Just as the combined effort of the roots and trunk of a tree ensures growth and stability, Poplar Academy believes that every child, with the correct support and guidance, can grow into a proud and confident individual.

Poplar Academy is a co-educational, parallel medium, independent school, situated in Crowthorne, in the city of Johannesburg, South Africa offering both primary and secondary schooling. A foundation rooted in knowledge allows for a focussed and strong core. Through personal touch and learner support, the supportive and nurturing environment provided by Poplar Academy encourages growth and development of a confident self where knowledge shields against the challenges of the modern world.

Among the core values Poplar Academy subscribes to, unconditional acceptance, recognition and development of strengths while offering support of weakness together with flexibility and leadership through guidance and service set them apart from the majority of learning institutions. In addition, small classes of between 12 and 15 learners, offering Cambridge (IGCSE + AS Level) school leaver's qualifications make Poplar Academy attractive. Focusing on language and perceptual skills, French is offered, as a third language. Early childhood development centre caters to children aged between 2 and 5. The multi-sensory approach to learning and teaching of study and thinking skills not only aides the learner with their current education program but prepares them for lifelong learning.

Offering educational programs suited to children and learners of all ages and stages of learning and development, Poplar Academy pre-schooling, primary school education, intermediate to FET education and ultimately Cambridge school leaver's qualification. Poplar Academy is a University of Cambridge international exam centre, attached to the British Council in Johannesburg.

Subjects offered on the Cambridge IGSE and AS levels include the following fields of study: science and mathematics, languages, arts and design, law, commerce and general exemption.

Extramural activities are an important aspect of a learner's development


Stimulating and exercising a learner's mind and body enhanced the learner's physical and intellectual development and compliments the classroom learning. A variety of extra mural activities are offered at Poplar Academy and at least one in-house extra mural activity is provided per day. These activities included in the school fees. Additional activities, which are contracted to the school, include gymnastics, chess, and Little Kickers. Swimming, available all year round in a covered and heated pool is made available to learners at an additional fee.

The school implements the Discovery Vitality School Sports Programme in all grades. This is a comprehensive sports programme covering all aspects of sports development and the underlying skills for sport. Physical movements need to be mastered and form the basis for all sports. Poplar Academy also boasts a Discovery Vitality School Programme approved playground circuit which is available to the pupils throughout the day. The circuit comprises of various stations where pupils complete specific exercise sequences.

Poplar Academy offers both prospective pupils and parents a trial week at no charge. This allows the pupil and parents the opportunity to test-drive the school, the curriculum and teachers. During the trial week, the pupil will be assessed and feedback given to the parents. Following the trial week, parents will be able to continue the enrolment process pending the outcome of the school's assessment.


Independent primary and secondary school

Poplar Academy situated in Crowthorne, ranks highly among independent schools in Johannesburg. Catering for the educational needs of children and learners of all ages, Poplar Academy offers a pre-school, private primary school as well as private secondary school conveniently accessible to Johannesburg's northern suburbs and Centurion. The supportive and nurturing approach toward a child's education provided by Poplar Academy equips the learner with skills which enhances their learning experience.

Being independent, Poplar Academy is a private school in Johannesburg able to offer learners a curriculum resulting in the internationally recognised Cambridge school leaver's qualification. As a primary school in Johannesburg, offering small class sizes as one of its characteristics, Poplar Academy provides the support and nurturing required by individual learners. All staff at Poplar Academy are directly managed and accountable to the principal allowing for quick, responsive and effective monitoring of all school activities and processes.


International school leaver's qualifications


The internationally recognised Cambridge school leaver's qualification is the result of the ultimate school leaver's programme offered by Poplar Academy. Being an accredited Cambridge exam centre, Poplar Academy equips learners with the necessary courses for school leavers and school leaver's certificate to enable learners to participate in further study abroad programs.


Being a Cambridge University international exam centre with affiliation to the British Council in Johannesburg, Poplar Academy specifically offers subjects on the IGSE and AS levels in Sciences and Mathematics, Languages, Arts and Design, Law, Commerce as well as General Exemption.

Providing the best possible primary and secondary private education for learners is what makes Poplar Academy the independent school of choice in Johannesburg, giving your child the perfect opportunity to equip, develop and enhance individual abilities. Poplar Academy believes that with the correct support and guidance, every learner can grow into a proud and confident individual equipped to further their learning careers with success lifelong effects. Enrolling your child at Poplar Academy is not merely a school but an investment in your child's future.


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