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The school currently caters for children aged between 3 and 12 and offers a unique environment in which children are encouraged to learn through exploration and interaction. This allows children to learn without restrictions and in a more spontaneous and natural way, thus not merely teaching them facts, but skills that will enable them to continue to learn throughout their lives. The Montessori teaching methods and environment nurture and cultivate the pupil's instinctive need to understand, thus developing not only a mind that asks and questions, but one that loves to learn and test the answers offered by others, and to find answers to those questions for themselves.

The definitive Montessori environment allows children of all ages to grow and develop both emotionally and intellectually, without being stereotyped or pressured to conform to the expectations of others. Each child is respected as an individual, and is taught the importance of valuing and respecting the individuality of both themselves and others. Multi-age groupings allow children to socialize with other children in different capacities and roles. Older children are allowed to develop leadership skills, whilst younger children are able to follow by example and drive their own motivation for learning.


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