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Sandown Happy Kids Preschool

The importance of early childhood development remains, as it lays the best foundation for our children's future milestones. Early experiences influence brain development as the neural pathways are established to provide foundations for language, reasoning, problem solving, social skills, behaviour and emotional health.

Therefore, we aim to provide a homely and stimulating environment where learning through play is encouraged. To accelerate the child's ability to grasp concepts - we provide them with a stimulating environment, tools and learning experiences for educational developmental. Additionally, our teachers and staff are equipped to develop each little person's confidence, concentration, and age-appropriate life skills.


To ensure that children have a happy learning experience.
To ensure that our teachers are happy at work.
    - Conducting regular check-in sessions and teambuilding sessions.
    - Happy teachers treat your children with love and that will result in kids being happy as well.
To ensure that our environment is conducive to stimulate learning in a fun way

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