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Our Philosophy
We are re-imagining education.
Education is brought to life at Seren House Cottage School.
Education is far more than a syllabus or a textbook.
Each child is taught the way they learn.
School should not be the focus of family life.
Seren House is built on 4 pillars: Honesty, Kindness, Loyalty and Diligence.

Re-imagining education
As educators who have more than 40 years of experience in both private and government schools, we have become concerned and disillusioned by a number of issues, such as:

Traditional schooling is not meeting the needs of our children.
Traditional schools focus on the curriculum and not the child.
Private schools are profit-driven with hidden costs.
Too many home schools are closing down.
Class sizes are problematic.
Teachers are not equipped, experienced or qualified.
Too many children are being lost in these systems.
Children are no longer the focus of education.

What we offer
Exclusive education up to Grade 12.
Qualified and experienced teachers.
Focus is the heart of the child.
No uniforms.
No textbooks.
No homework.
24 hour access to the staff.
No more than 16 pupils per class.
School is a pleasure and not a punishment.
A thirst for knowledge and skills.


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