Southampton Private Academy, Alberton


Important School Information: Southampton Private Academy



59 Voortrekker Road, George Corie Centre, New Redruth, Alberton


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Grades taught

Grade R to Grade 12

Gender Mixed - (Boys and Girls)



Type of School

Best and lowest fee private school - CAPS Curriculum


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Why Southampton Private Academy
SPA was conceived as an educational institution with an edge. Our policies are the real champion of our beliefs. Through our small classes and intensive high quality lesson delivery, we strive to expose our students to a stimulating learning experience.

We believe that a teacher should play the role of a facilitator, not just a disseminator of textbook knowledge. Our teachers are highly qualified with a minimum qualification of Diploma in Education for Foundation Phase and Bachelor's in Education for Intermediate Phase and above.

Not only are we setting the precedence for high academic performance in the area, we beat all other institutions in being the lowest fee private school.

Through our interactive and engaging classrooms, we ensure that children are active.



Here's what sets us apart as active participants rather than passive listeners.
Our integrated learning approach is an activity based learning process where experimentation, self-discovery, high level of engagement and hands-on experience are given priority.


Personal, academic, social and emotional development is given importance over basic cognitive development, ensuring that reasoning is not neglected.


All learners attend compulsory computer literacy classes which teach them basic end user computer skills such as typing, MS Word, Excel, Power point and Internet surfing from grade 1-12. Project based IT classes with certificates awarded at the end of each semester (end of the project) for learners from grade 1-12 where they learn about in-depth computer skills like coding, developing web pages, apps and databases are however optional.


Academic enrichment programs like Spelling Bee, Quiz, Art and Craft, Role Plays and Debate are impressed upon the learners to boost their IQ and self-esteem. This interdisciplinary approach creates eager and active learning skills in students and ensures their overall development.



Broad and Inspiring Curriculum

We pride ourselves in delivering the very best lessons to students every single day. Because of this, our individual student achievement continues to be on an upward trend.


We follow the South African Department of Basic Education (DBE) curriculum CAPS and our school is divided into ECD, Primary and High School.


Pre-Primary/ Early Childhood Development (ECD) - Grade R

The formative years of a child are the best years of discovering their potential and setting the foundation for their future and Grade R is the next step into formal education.


SPA understands that these initial years of schooling are of prime importance. We improve our Grade R infrastructure every year to enhance students' creativity and the ability to explore through opportunities in learning and sports.



We offer the following subjects in Grade R:

  • Mathematics,

  • English Home Language,

  • Afrikaans First Additional Language,

  • Life Skills.


Primary School
Through primary school, from grade 1 to 7, students get ready for academic success and growth at high school and beyond. We ensure that during these years of critical importance, our personalized approach helps students understand the concepts clearly and prepare them to cope with the demands of a changing world.





The primary school comprises of:

Foundation Phase comprises of Grades 1 to 3, Intermediate Phase Grade 4 to 6 and Senior Phase Grade 7. The terminal grades 3, 6 and 7 writes Provincial Exams that determines their competence before exit and our learners are performing meticulously every year. Our well designed curriculum for Primary School aims at addressing the individuality of students and bringing out the best in them.

Integrating Spelling Bee, Quiz, Debate, sports and extra-curricular activities makes a fun learning environment. Evaluation through periodic tests and feedback on students' performance also help them to understand their progress in school and the areas they need to work upon.


Foundation Phase (1 - 3)

Intermediate Phase (4 - 6)

Senior Phase (7-9)




English Home Language

English Home Language

English Home Language

Afrikaans First Additional Language

Afrikaans First Additional Language

Afrikaans First Additional Language

Life Skills

Life Skills

Life Orientation



Natural Sciences






Social Sciences



Creative Arts



Economic Management Services


High School
High school comprises of grade 8 to 12. Grades 8 and 9 form part of Senior Phase that starts in grade 7. The Further Education and Training (FET) Phase comprises of grades 10-12 and this phase prepares students for further education at Universities and Colleges.

Our high class lessons delivered everyday ensure that your child is adequately prepared to excel individually and academically through this period, where they establish core foundations for their future. While grade 9 is assessed through provincial exams, grade 12 is assessed through DBEs Umalusi accredited National Exams.

We offer the following subjects in High School

Further Education and Training Phase, FET (10-12)

Science Stream

Commercial Stream

Humanities Stream


Mathematical Literacy,

Mathematical Literacy,

English/Isizulu Home Language,

English/Isizulu Home Language,

English/Isizulu Home Language,

Afrikaans/English First Additional Language

Afrikaans/English First Additional Language,

Afrikaans/English First Additional Language.

Life Orientation

Life Orientation.

Life Orientation.

Physical Sciences

Economics/ Business Studies


Life Sciences


Hotel Management




Computer Applications Technology

Computer Applications Technology

Computer Applications Technology (CAT)/Visual Arts


We believe that for young minds to achieve their fullest potential, they need an atmosphere that combines academic and creative activities beyond the curriculum. We ensure this through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Our well planned timetable allows for ample time to be devoted to after-school programs. We encourage every child to participate in sports (soccer, netball, athletics, and chess, swimming) and performance arts like music, dance and theatrical drama to build confidence and develop their aptitude to the maximum.







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