Waterkloof House Prep School, Pretoria

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Waterkloof House Preparatory School (WHPS) is situated in Pretoria, South Africa and is an independent (private) School established in 1923, offering education as follows:
Whippets: Boys and Girls (Grade 000 to Grade 00) - preference given into Grade 0
Junior Prep: Boys only (Grade 0 to Grade 3)
Senior Prep: Boys only (Grade 4 to Grade 7)
Boarding is offered to boys from Grade 3 to Grade 7



Every member of the School's community contributes his own special gifts to create a unique environment. Individual teachers, boys, parents and support staff are all touched by the atmosphere pervading the School. One of the top private boarding schools in South Africa, pupils attending WHPS stem from various countries, making for a rich and diverse culture. The various curricula offered by WHPS encapsulates the ethos of the School. To be a WHiPSian does not just mean that you have enrolled at the School and spent a number of years here.



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