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Christian High School is a private high school registered with KwaZulu-Natal Department of Education (DoE) for over 22 years. The school, which started as a finishing school focussing on giving learners that had failed matric another chance to succeed, has grown to a fully-fledged high school with an average of 500 learners in a four-storey building with 20 classrooms. The school has a computer centre (pic), a library (pic) and an audio-visual centre.

In this future our target is 100% pass rate at all levels with all learners achieving above 50% in each subject and wittingly achieve 100% bachelors in grade 12 National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination. This may sound and look ambitious, and to be frank it is and we are that ambitious. This is what we will work towards every day of schooling, this is what we demand from our educators, this is what we instil in our learners.


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