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In searching for the right school for your child, you have already made an investment in his or her education and when you invest in their education, you endow your children with a life long love of learning.

Learning for children is a rewarding and enjoyable experience in which they explore, investigate, discover, create , practice, rehearse and consolidate. If there is a stimulating environment, young children's learning will be enhanced. We strive to provide such an environment. Daylee creche opened its doors for the first time on 27 February 1995. The first child at Daylee was our own Darshan Lee Naidoo. The first three children were Sheldon Chetty, Theolan Govender and Sannya Rugbeer. Daylee catered for children from 2-5 years. It was slow going at first with just 3 children in our first month.

Through word of mouth grew and grew and now in our 20th year we can proudly say we have 130 children from 4 months to 5 years. From 1998 we began enrolling babies and our first 3 babies were Santhen Rooy, Tristan Munthree and Danielle Chitradow. Our baby class was now open. Our youngest baby was Nadia Moodley at 3 months old. She is now a strapping 16 year old. In 2003 after numerous requests from parents who wanted their children to continue at Daylee after pre school, Daylee Independent was established. We have increased a grade a year until 2009 when our first batch of Grade 7 pupils left for high school. Our first teacher at Daylee Independent was Mrs S.D Moodley and she had a class of 17 pupils in 2003. Mrs Moodley is now Head of Department - Foundation Phase. Daylee Independent has progressed from 17 pupils in 2003 to 273 pupils in 2010. Daylee Creche is registered with the Department Of Social Welfare. We cater for ages 4 months to 5 years.

Daylee Independent is registered with Department of Education. However we receive no funding from the Department at present. We have Grades R to Grade 7.


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