Missio Dei Christian School, Verulam

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What makes Missio Dei Christian School to stand out from other private schools is their unique teaching system. The Accelerated Christian Education curriculum allows for students to learn at their own pace which ensures mastery of the subject material. Students set their own goals daily, detailing how much work they can complete in each of their subjects. They do this with the support of their class supervisors who encourage and aid learners to perform according to their individual potential.

All learning at Missio Dei Christian School takes place from a Christian point of view. Teachings based on character, morals and values underpin all aspects of a student's learning. This ensures that when a learner leaves Missio Dei Christian school they are not merely prepared academically but also stand out as well-rounded adults ready to take on the world at large.

Missio Dei Christian School is 10 years old this year and continues to grow beyond measure. Missio Dei Christian School management and staff constantly strive to provide leadership and expertise allowing their learners to not just develop to their individual potential but to exceed it!

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